Why Willas


With over 35 years of experiences in the industry, Willas has devoted to provide the best products to our customers. Willas products range from power supply to military equipment, and we are still exploring and expanding to new markets.


In order to ensure the best quality of products, Willas not only invests in test equipment to verify own brand products, but also asks our agents to monitor the product quality from the beginning of the production line. In other words, Willas has zero tolerance on the low quality products, and customer satisfaction is always at the top of our mission.


At Willas, we believe that service is the core between customers and us. Having top service and products in hand, Willas will be your best partner in the industry. Willas is your ultimate semiconductor solution.

Market Strategies

Be aggressive and highly motivated organization to promote products to our principal markets.

Maintain constructive and cooperative relationship with customers.

Serve existing markets with an integrated company effort.

Competitive pricing to gain market share.

Develop and sell smaller packaging systems to fulfill niche market demand.

Business Philosophy
Highest Quality and Best Service

Established in 1982, Willas Electronic Corp. has been specialized in marketing semi-conductor components as a professional agent for clients. We also produce various types of diodes in our own plants since 1995 to meet increasing market demands. From the first day of establishment, Willas has adhered to its belief in operation in “Quality First, Service First ” by providing our clients with the best products and services with which we have won clients’ unreserved trust and affirmation.

Looking forward, we strive to develop new products and offer new technology at the most competitive prices for our clients around the world.

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