Employee Benefits

At Willas, we provide employee welfare beyond what is required of by the Standard Labor Act that includes year-end party and prize draw, Chinese Holiday Bonus, domestic and international travel subsidy, insurances, paternity/maternity and education subsidy, language-learning aid, and employee training.

Recruit & Engagement

Challenge and Fulfill Yourself!

Willas is located at the center of XinYi District, Taipei City, where public transportations and all major facilities are within a walking distance. At Willas, we provide casual and comfortable working environment to all employees allowing each employee to grow with the company. We aim to provide not just a job, but a career, an opportunity to allow each employee to learn from the market and the real world, to bring their skills to practice, to explore and expand their capacity, and most importantly to feel satisfaction and happiness for what each employee has chosen to do. Having such a faith, we believe that the company and the employee together can perform beyond all expectation and create extraordinary things in life.

Come and Join Us!

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Development & Learning
A Chance to See A New World Together

One-on-one mentorship allows our freshmen to get used to work environment and job contents in a short period of time. On-job-training lessons for our products are directed by each responsible department head. Product planning and market strategy training for the freshmen are taught by individual mentors in the field during face-to-face meetings with customers. We champion hands-on experience and believe that the freedom to do things on one’s own allows our freshmen to learn and progress quickly without losing the passion in their jobs. In addition, we treasure how each new talent makes Willas a better company. It is our pleasure to have you join us. We welcome new talent from every level and every field. We hope you to give yourself a chance to know Willas, and also to give Willas a chance to see what’s in you.

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